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Embutidos Pisón started the activity more than 30 years ago in Ezcaray, a village located in the chain of mountains “Sierra de la Demanda” and it is the main touristic village in La Rioja. During this time specialization and choosing the good raw materials have reached the success in our products. We have never forgotten the quality based in a homemade production and also in the drying process. For sure this is the generations’ continuity in the pork meat world.

What we do

From the beginning we care meat cycle by choosing the best herds in our area and to be slaughtered in our slaughterhouse, located in Santo Domingo de la Calzada.

Later, a few kilometers of it arrives at our facilities, in Ezcaray, where we have the production center.

Building on the experience, our expertise and new technology equipment production process begins. This phase consists of cutting, chopping, mixing, filling, curing, packaging and labeling of a thorough beating all our products in each of the stages.

The band of the strings of chorizo sausage presenting a familiar look for clients, have set the standard from which to work for decades.